Gary Golding has dedicated much of his life to understanding Nature, Self Reliance and Survival and spends much of his time passing on what he’s learned to the children and adults of the world. Gary does this by making appearances and teaching classes all over the nation. He has lived 222 days of his life naked off the land in Brazil, Africa, the Jungles of Belize and the swamps of the Atchafalaya Basin. Gary achieved these Survival feats by participating in 8 challenges over a 7 year timeframe in the “Naked and Afraid” franchise. Gary’s highly “unique” Survival skills made him one of the most well known Survivalists the challenge has known and propelled him to Legendary status in the “Naked and Afraid” world. Gary’s overall mission is to carry a message to Humanity, and that message is “CONSUME AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE” …and THRIVE.