EJ Snyder is an Extreme Survivalist, Adventurer, and 25 Year Retired Army Combat Veteran. He has been an Outdoorsman since he was 5 years old and formally teaching Survival Outdoors Skills and Preparedness for well over 30 years. He formally learned Survival Skills while serving in the Army and became a SERE Instructor. In the Army he was also a Drill Sergeant and Ranger Instructor. He is a Highly Decorated Warrior serving in Combat in both the 1991 Gulf War and OIF. He is most recently known for his Survival challenges on Discovery Channel as a 6 Time Legend of “Naked & Afraid”, Hosting “Dual Survival” and “Mountain Masters”, as well as “First Man Out”, and “Into The Wild Frontier” amongst many other programs. He is currently the #1 Ranked Survivalist in the World. EJ offers online and live training courses at his web site www.ejsnyder.com and you can follow him on Social Medias IG, X, TikTok @ejsnyder333, FB EJ Snyder, and YouTube Survive with EJ.