Chuck Peoples

Owner/operator of Homestead Medical

Teaching the Homestead Medical class and the Stop the bleed Class

Eric Johnson

Full-time homesteader

Teaching the Permaculture fruit tree guild class

Greg Brann

Synergistic Grazing Management

Presenting the Pasture Management session

Jake Drumm

Drumm Emergency Solutions

Presenting the Medicine, Easy until it isn’t session

Emily Rock

Sharing her farm experiences

Presenting the Milking Demonstrations

Bruce DeVries

Homesteader, Master Leather Craftsman

The Importance of Biochar on the Homestead

Darren Strong

Hacks for the Homesteader

Hog Processing

Enos Zook

Bluegrass Trapper

His goal is to keep a healthy balance between predators and pray.


Andy's Little Homestead

Homesteader and Farmer

Jeff Smith

Everyday Prepper

Over forty years’ experience in security and law enforcement

Bill Stormfeather

The First 30 Days

Designed USDOD Survival School

Erin Scott

Erin Scott

Why Are We Homesteading?

Garren and Angela Allard (Grumpy Acres)

Garren and Angela Allard

Food Preservation


Life Done Free



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The Beginner’s Guide to Trapping

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of trapping with our Beginner’s Guide. Whether you’re looking to protect your farm, connect with nature, or turn trapping into a business, this guide offers actionable steps, real-life examples, and expert insights. Dive in and discover the secrets to successful trapping.

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