Chuck is the owner/operator of Homestead Medical. A medical training and supply company focusing on training all who want to be more prepared medically.

Chuck has been involved in EMS and Emergency Response as a critical care paramedic and firefighter for over 28 years. Having encompassed a career consisting of working in urban traditional EMS from care provider, supervisor and Education Director, to disaster recovery and rescue as well as working as a contractor/advisor/trainer around the world. Chuck has been involved in medical education for over 20 years teaching EMS, fire/rescue, military, law enforcement and civilians many aspects of medical care. Topics ranging from trauma, medical, austere, wilderness, critical care and prolonged care. With opening of Homestead Medical, Chuck is focusing on preparing and training with individuals and groups who want to be more prepared medically under any situation and confident in doing so. Homestead Medical has a more practical than tactical approach with medical education as well as delivering tactical trauma courses.