Chuck Peoples- Building a Home Medical Bag

Chuck is the owner/operator of Homestead Medical. A medical training and supply company focusing on training all who want to be more prepared medically.

Chuck has been involved in EMS and Emergency Response as a critical care paramedic and firefighter for over 28 years. Having encompassed a career consisting of working in urban traditional EMS from care provider, supervisor and Education Director, to disaster recovery and rescue as well as working as a contractor/advisor/trainer around the world. Chuck has been involved in medical education for over 20 years teaching EMS, fire/rescue, military, law enforcement and civilians many aspects of medical care. Topics ranging from trauma, medical, austere, wilderness, critical care and prolonged care. With opening of Homestead Medical, Chuck is focusing on preparing and training with individuals and groups who want to be more prepared medically under any situation and confident in doing so. Homestead Medical has a more practical than tactical approach with medical education as well as delivering tactical trauma courses.

S & B Homestead Radios- communication and preparedness for the family homestead

S & B Homestead Radios promotes communication and preparedness for the family homestead. Susan and Brian are amateur radio operators who love to help families and individuals interested in learning more about amateur radios, family communications, and preparedness for the homestead. They are both licensed operators, Susan KG5VEP and Brian KG5VEK. Susan is a retired Special Education Teacher and is currently working as an Educational Consultant. Brian owns a specialty construction company in North Mississippi. Brian is the Southeast Regional Coordinator for the American Contingency Ham Radio Network, AHRN. He also enjoys building and experimenting with antennas for ham radio. Susan and Brian are founding members of the amateur radio club Area 51 Radio.

Group Mississippi. We are also licensed Volunteered Examiners for ARRL.

Emily Rock- Providing The Petting Zoo

Emily grew up on a homestead and was involved in showing cattle and other agriculture activities through 4-H and FFA. With her husband, Kelcey, and two children (Ridge and Michael) she lives on 100 acres in Alvaton, KY where they raise Jersey cattle, Hereford cattle, kune kune pigs, chickens, ducks, and rabbits.

Emily’s passion in life is to share her experiences of growing up on a farm with others. She is also an advocate for raw milk and sells raw milk and other dairy products through her herd-share program.

Leslie Gossett- herbalist, naturalist, forager, and educator

Leslie Gossett is an herbalist, naturalist, forager, and educator. Her mission is to support people in finding their way back to the wisdom of our ancestors. She started the School of Earth and Awe to teach people how to recognize that natural food and medicine are abundantly available all around us. She offers classes, workshops, and consultations. You can find her teaching schedule at

Sean Tario- protect and defend our digital sovereignty.

Sean Tario has spent his entire professional career developing strategic alliances within business and economic development roles. Sean is a doer who is fighting for a future that emphasizes our need to build local, decentralized and open source systems. His current companies, Open Spectrum Inc. and MARK37.COM, provide tools for individuals and companies looking to escape Big Tech by leveraging Free and Open Source Software, devices and systems operated by like-minded God-fearing Patriots who are fighting to protect and defend our digital sovereignty and ability to exist online without censorship.

EJ Snyder – Extreme Survivalist, Adventurer, and 25 Year Retired Army Combat Veteran

EJ Snyder is an Extreme Survivalist, Adventurer, and 25 Year Retired Army Combat Veteran. He has been an Outdoorsman since he was 5 years old and formally teaching Survival Outdoors Skills and Preparedness for well over 30 years. He formally learned Survival Skills while serving in the Army and became a SERE Instructor. In the Army he was also a Drill Sergeant and Ranger Instructor. He is a Highly Decorated Warrior serving in Combat in both the 1991 Gulf War and OIF. He is most recently known for his Survival challenges on Discovery Channel as a 6 Time Legend of “Naked & Afraid”, Hosting “Dual Survival” and “Mountain Masters”, as well as “First Man Out”, and “Into The Wild Frontier” amongst many other programs. He is currently the #1 Ranked Survivalist in the World. EJ offers online and live training courses at his web site and you can follow him on Social Medias IG, X, TikTok @ejsnyder333, FB EJ Snyder, and YouTube Survive with EJ.

Gary Golding-  understanding Nature, Self Reliance and Survival

Gary Golding has dedicated much of his life to understanding Nature, Self Reliance and Survival and spends much of his time passing on what he’s learned to the children and adults of the world. Gary does this by making appearances and teaching classes all over the nation. He has lived 222 days of his life naked off the land in Brazil, Africa, the Jungles of Belize and the swamps of the Atchafalaya Basin. Gary achieved these Survival feats by participating in 8 challenges over a 7 year timeframe in the “Naked and Afraid” franchise. Gary’s highly “unique” Survival skills made him one of the most well known Survivalists the challenge has known and propelled him to Legendary status in the “Naked and Afraid” world. Gary’s overall mission is to carry a message to Humanity, and that message is “CONSUME AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE” …and THRIVE.