Homestead Medicine


Practical not Tactical Medical Training

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March 22nd from 9 am to 5 pm.

A practical training class for the person or persons who want to be better readily prepared for medical emergencies at home when conventional medical care is not available or will be delayed receiving. This is an advanced medical training class for the prepared homesteader or persons to prepare for unexpected injury or illness. All content is for “demonstration only”; this is not to certify anyone to practice medicine at any level. But the information and hands-on training as well as scenarios, will provide a more advanced level of medical information and skill than your average first aid class. Instruction will also focus on the fundamentals of prolonged care. This class is a stress-free learning environment that focuses on hands-on skills stations as well as learning scenarios. Do you want to be prepared to take care of your loved ones or team members when conventional medical care is not available? Prepare and train today for tomorrow’s uncertainty.